Trubostal, Research & Production Corporation. Stand 1E40

56/91, Trubnikov prospekt, Nikopol, the Dnepropetrovsk region 53201, Ukraine
Phone number:
+38 (0566) 63-04-00, 63-80-01, 63-04-14
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1. Rollers, shafts, bandages for metallurgical enterprises, to be manufactured with the application of centrifugally cast tubes, including those ones used in heat-treatment furnaces and lines for hot galvanizing.
2. Bi-metallic centrifugally cast tubes of over 35 combinations for pulp feed-lines, bushings for slush pumps, rolls of continuous-casting machines, corrosion resistant lines.
3. Cast parts (tooling) of heat-resistant steels for reheating and heat-treatment furnaces.
4. Radiant tubes, high-temperature muffles, retorts and baskets, tubes for high temperature installations including wear-resistant.
5. Centrifugally cast tubes in compliance with the Specifications TU U 27.2-13419172-002:2008 and a raw of international standards both as cast, and as machined and heat-treated ones.
6. Pillars and columns of heavy-loaded constructions
7. Pipe-lines components (elbows, reduces, T-joint, flanges, etc.) with diameter range 22-1420 mm of any steel grades including bimetallic and welded ones (according to GOST, DIN, ASTM).

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