Information agency “INFOLine”. Stand Каталог

28, KIMa prosp., St. Petersburg 199155, Russia
Phone number:
+7(812) 3226848, +7(495)7727640
Website :

Information agency “INFOLine” was founded at 1999 to provide companies with
information and consulting services. At the moment the company supports with
information on the continuing basis more than 1000 companies of Russia an the
entire world. The Agency “INFOLine” reviews more than 7000 of information
resources including the following: news of information agencies, central and
regional mass-media resources (electronic and printed media), and specialized
sites. INFOLine major task is to collect, edit, analyze and spread economic,
finance and analytic information.
At 2002 the agency “INFOLine” created web-portal to inform
business society about branch market events.;

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