Regional Trade-Industrial Company. Stand 1D14

83, Belinskogo ul., Ekaterinburg 620026, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (343) 278-27-87, 278-27-89
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Production of shaped and unshaped refractory materials of various compositions, high temperature refractory insulation materials made from non-asbestos fiber.
Development of energy saving technical solutions relating to refractories and thermal insulation for steel, nonferrous metals, furnace construction, power generation and machine building industries.
Basic product line:
- Alumino silicate fiber products:
- Flat products (boards, cardboards of various densities and sizes, including foiled ones);
- Shaped products (insulation of risers, rings, protection tubes for thermocouples etc.);
- Module systems for different thermal units;
- Covering and gasketing refractory fiber materials (needle-punched blankets of various densities and sizes, thick felt and bulk);
- Dry concrete mixes (corundum, spinel, mullite and lightweight);
- Refractory mastics, adhesives and coatings;
- Vibro cast refractory concrete shapes;
- Buffer mixes, taphole and starting mixes;
- Gunning mixes (for tundish ladles);
- Insulating and slug-forming mixes for ladles, tundishes and moulds;
- Feeding systems.

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