Fingo-Complex Co., Ltd. . Stand 3A15

Office 203, 4/2/G, Kievskoe shosse 22 km, Moskovskiy, Moscow 108811, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 118-94-07
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FINGO is a leading Russian manufacturer of industrial gas cleaning filters and dust and gas cleaning plants. For 75 years, our solutions have been providing cost-effective and highly effective cleaning up to 99.9% for all industries, which comply with the latest environmental standards and international BAT standards.
At our own and only specialized full-cycle plant in Russia (formerly the Semibratovsky gas-cleaning equipment plant) we produce electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, scrubbers, cyclones, and desulfurization and nitrogen purification equipment. We supply sets of internal equipment and spare parts for existing gas purification plants for repair and reconstruction, as well as complete filters.
We offer you to consider FINGO as a provider of turnkey solutions for engineering, inspection, troubleshooting, modernization and service.
The mission of the FINGO company is to provide world-class equipment and services at a Russian price to solve environmental problems for global industry.

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