NRC «Kurchatov Institute» CRISM «Prometey». Stand 82D24

49, Shpalernaya ul., St. Petersburg 191015, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (812) 274-37-96
Website :

Basic activities:
- Development of advanced structural materials — steels of different classes, strong light-weight corrosion-resistant titanium, aluminium, composite and other alloys, functional materials used in shipbuilding, power engineering, mechanical engineering, oil and gas production, refining and other industries;
- Development of materials manufacturing and treatment processes, welding processes, corrosion protection means and methods;
- Standard and special mechanical and corrosion testing of structural and functional materials;
- Lifetime and durability prediction of materials and products;
- Performing of observation and consulting, approval and certification of materials and products;
- Small-batch production of unique products, including in-house design welding structures and those made as per the Customer’s requirements.

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