9th International Exhibition for Steel Products and Structures for Construction
14-17 November 2017, Hall 75, VDNkHa, Moscow

MetallStroyForum’2017 International Exhibition for Steel Products and Structures for Construction, will be held on November 14-17, 2017 in Moscow. The exhibition focuses on production, supplies and use of steel products for construction.

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7th International Exhibition for Equipment and Technologies for Steel Industry and Metalworking
14-17 November 2017, Hall 75, VDNkHa, Moscow

MetallurgMash has become the main platform for equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The exhibition is focused on promotion of innovative machine-building and engineering solutions in the Russian market.

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6th International Exhibition for Transportation and Logistics for Mining and Metallurgical Complex
14-17 November 2017, Hall 75, VDNkHa, Moscow

MetallTransLogistic Specialized Exhibition is focused on establishing business and technical cooperation between freight forwarders, manufacturers of vehicles and enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex.

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International Forging Festival
14-17 November 2017, Moscow, Hall 75, VDNkHa

ART-METAL'2017 will be held on November 14-17, 2017 during MetallStroyForum’2016 in Moscow at VDNkHa Fairground. The festival will include forgings performed by the most skillful blacksmiths, forgers, gunsmiths etc., competition for the best decorative metal artworks, expositions of decorative metal craftworks, equipment, forging and casting rigs as well as a trade fair of metal craftworks.

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International Specialized Exhibition
29 May - 01 Jun 2018, Hall 8.3, Expocentre, Moscow

The exhibition will bring together building steel products manufacturers, suppliers and end-users. Steel structures manufacturers and steel service centers will exhibit their latest solutions for the construction industry. Russian and international companies will present the most state of the art equipment and technologies of building steel products and structures manufacture.

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29 May - 01 Jun 2018, Moscow More about LITMASH'2018
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