ERGA LLC. Stand 1A79

22, Khrustalnaya ul., Kaluga 248018, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (4842) 54-30-08, 54-45-82
Website :

Research & Production Company ERGA is the leading russian manufacturer of magnetic separators and industrial metal detectors for metallurgical and recycling plants. For over a decade ERGA designs and supplies complex sorting/separation lines for scrap metal, slag and wastes processing, on a turn-key basis. Since 2004 ERGA also manufactures various types of magnetic lifting equipment - permanent and electropermanent (ARMAG®) magnetic lifters and spreader beams for ferrous loads of various shapes and sizes. Our magnetic lifting equipment with minimized power cunsumption is widely used by machine-building and metallurgical companies for safe and fast handling of various ferromagnetic materials.

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