INTEH Ltd.. Stand 2F35

2A, Vostochny, Stary Oskol, the Belgorod region 309503, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (4725) 42-81-80
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INTEH Ltd. manufactures spare parts and interchangeable equipment for crushing-reduction, milling and excavation machines of major mining companies of the Russian Federation.
One of the company’s profiles is fabrication of interchangeable equipment and quick wearing spare parts with extended service life intended for mining shovel machines:
- For walking excavators of ЭШ-10/75, ЭШ-15/90, ЭШ-20/90, ЭШ40/85 type, shovels of standard design and reinforced design intended for heavy duty operation having extended service life are produced. Reinforced design shovels exhibit strengthened shovel dipper lip and cast shovel bottom of 110Г13Л steel grade;
- For mine crawler excavators of ЭКГ-5, ЭКГ-10, ЭКГ-12, ЭКГ-15, ЭКГ-18, ЭКГ-20 type, shovels with reinforced front and back walls and bottom are produced. Besides, shovels of increased capacity are offered;
- For foreign-made hydraulic excavators (by HITACHI, KOMATSU. etc.), face walls (jaws) for front shovels and digging lips (bucket noses) for backhoe loaders are produced with maximum application of 110Г13Л steel grade. Shovels are produced either with original adapters and teeth, or with domestic-made excavator shovel tips.
The company designs and produces interchangeable equipment and spare parts with due regard for specific operation conditions of each customer.

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