Ore and Metals, Publishing house. Stand 1D77

P.O. Box 71, Moscow, 119049, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 638-45-18
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11 journals in the field of mining matter, metallurgy and nuclear industry:
- Gornyi Zhurnal - the oldest (established in 1825) and monthly scientific-technical edition in the field of mining matter in CIS;
- Obogashchenie Rud - the only Russian edition in the field of mineral processing;
-Tsvetnye Metally - the leading monthly journal in CIS covering the area of nonferrous metallurgy;
- Chernye Metally - universal monthly journal presenting information as about Russian, as well as about foreign iron and steel industry;
- Gornyi Mir Muzeev - special edition about the role of mining matter and metallurgy in cultural and historical heritage;
- Ore and Metals Weekly - free-of-charge electronic newsletter, issued every week since June 2012, can be subscribed in www.rudmet.ru;
Special English editions: Eurasian Mining, Non-Ferrous Metals and CIS Iron.

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