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Tube Products International magazine is published for tube and pipe product end-users, buyers and specifiers of metal, plastic and composite tube and pipe materials, products and fittings. Published every quarter, Tube Products International has an international circulation of 5,000 readers who are registered buyers, stockists, agents, specifiers, distributors and users of all kinds of tube, pipe and hollow products, materials and accessories. TPi reports the latest corporate and economic industry information, and features new technological advances in materials and tube and pipe products and ancillaries available within the tube and pipe industry around the world. The regular quarterly worldwide circulation of Tube Products International is further increased by bonus distribution of free copies at all the leading international tube and pipe trade fairs around the globe. With every issue, new readers and buyers subscribing to the magazine ensure that the magazine is a compulsory publication for marketing campaigns and advertising schedules of both tube and pipe producers and suppliers of tube and pipe materials.

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