Scientific and Technical Company EKTA, JSC. Stand 2G07

7, Petra Romanova ul., Moscow 115193, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 679-48-43, 679-48-81, 677-63-33
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Scientific and Technical Company EKTA, JSC - Russian innovation development: equipment and technologies for melting of high-quality cast product irrespective of raw material quality.
Development and package supply of general purpose direct – current arc furnaces of new generation (GPDCAF-NG) (from 0,5 to 80 tons) and mixers GPDCAM (from 0,5 to 150 tons).
Using GPDCAF-NG and GPDCAM the manufacture of different steel grades, alloys of critical application, iron steel including synthetic iron, aluminium, copper, nickel, cobalt, titanium-based alloys, various master alloys, ferro-alloys has been mastered as well as melting scrap and waste of the mentioned metals including sludge.
Reconstruction of machine-building and metallurgical facilities using state-of-the-art higher technology and science-intensive melting equipment GPDCAF-NG (including replacement of the old fleet of alternate current equipment with direct current under Scientific and Technical Company EKTA, JSC technology).
Metallurgical ‘turn-key’ mini-plants.

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