Ruspolymet, JSC Kulebaky Metallurgical Plant. Stand 1F24

1, Vosstaniya ul., Kulebaky, the Nizhny Novgorod region 607010, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (83176) 5-12-00
Website :

Main assortment of manufactured products:
- Seamless rolled rings and welded rings from sheet material and from hot rolled sections for aerospace, automotive, gas & oil engineering, chemistry, agriculture, power engineering, shipbuilding and etc. with diameters as following: seamless rolled rings from 200 up to 6000 mm; welded rings from sheet material from 200 up to 1500 mm; welded rings from hot rolled sections from 300 up to 2400 mm;
- Solid disks and ring plates with a diameter up to 1200 mm;
- Flat and weld neck flanges blanks for pipe lines and pipe fittings;
- Steel ingots of forging group round cross-section with a diameter up to 900 mm;
- ESR and VAR ingots;
- Forging rod of round cross-section (with a diameter from 100 up to 500 mm) and forging rod of square cross-section with a side of the square from 80 up to 370 mm;
- Bars and strips from HSS and Ti-alloys;
- High-percentage ferrotitanium and ferroalloys;
- HIP services;
- All types of test and inspection of a product (metallographic examination, NDT and DT test and inspection methods);
- Heat treatment; machining of rings (disks) with a diameter from 200 up to 2500 mm and of ingots (forgings) with a diameter up to 600 mm.

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