FSBI of Institute of Metallurgy Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Science. Stand Каталог

101, Amundsena ul., Ekaterinburg 620016, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (343) 267-91-24
Website :

The main scientific direction of the Institute is development of physicochemical funda¬mentals of metallurgical processes. This direction includes the following problems:
- Structure and physicochemical properties of metal and oxide melts and solid solutions, elaboration of the condensed matter theory;
- Thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanism of metallurgical reactions;
- Scientific and technical and economic fundamentals for complex use of polymetal¬lic mineral raw materials and man-caused wastes with solution of ecologic problems;
- Theoretical basics of pyrometallurgical, electrothermal, hydrometallurgical and gas- phase processes for production of metals, alloys, metal powders, composite materials and coatings, including nano-sized and bulk nanostructured ones.

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