8A, Ryazansky prospekt, Moscow 109428, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 730-45-45, 730-45-30
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VNIIMETMASH stock holding company carries out full cycle of works (from fundamental and applied research to complete equipment delivery and its service) for making metallurgical equipment in different branches of economy. It manufactures the following:
- Equipment for metallurgical small-scale plants incorporating casting and rolling aggregates;
- Equipment for steelmaking shops, including basic oxygen furnaces of big capacity, aggregates for secondary steelmaking, continuous casting machines;
- Technology and equipment for making products with amorphous and microcrystalline structure directly from melted metal;
- Equipment for sheet, bar and tube rolling shops;
- Technology and equipment for rolling of precise blanks of machine-building parts (balls, axes, rings, sleeves etc);
- Presses.

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