Zhucheng Longxiang Steel Casting Industry Co., Ltd.. Stand 3A08

Wadianeast, Linjiacun Town, Zhucheng, Shandong, China
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+86 (536) 654-89-28
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Zhucheng Longxiang steel casting Industry Co., Ltd. is loacated in the third Chinese largest port, Qingdao port. It is only 60 kilometers to the port. Our factory has strong manufacturing strength, is the largest private steel castings' production enterprises. Our company has the areas with 200,000 square meters, 50 million US dollars in fixed assets. Our main equipments: 200 tons of LF refining furnace, 50 tons of arc furnace, 60 tons of intermedeiate ferquency furnace, 10 meters of vertical lathe, 8 meters of hobbing machine,Φ260 CNC boring milling, 30 meters of planer type milling machine etc. Our factory has the ability to make disposable smelting 600 tons of molten steel and 400 tons of steel ingot casting, and 400 tons of finished steel casting production. This ablility can meet heaving plate rolling machine, million tons of metal extrusion machine, million tons of aviation forging hydralic machine, million tons of forging oil hydralic press machines and other huge scale casting and forging of extreme manufacturing requirements. Our products are widly used in the fileld of foring, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, aeropace, power station, military and other sections of national economy and national defense construction.

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