26, Kuznetskaya ul., Srednyaya Akhtuba, the Volgograd region 404143, Russia
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+7 (84479) 5-41-60
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AHTUBA NPO, CJSV was established in 2005 and has been producing and supplying equipment and spare parts for the industrial chemical, petrochemical, engineering , machinery, steel and non-ferrous industries:
Reactionary centrifugally cast tubes for steam reforming plants;
Reactionary centrifugally cast tubes for pyrolysis furnaces;
Centrifugally cast tubes for furnaces super heater;
Radiant tubes and cast rolls for heating furnaces (through type furnaces with roll’s hearth, tempered furnaces, normalizing furnaces, annealing furnaces) as well as for galvanizing, pickling lines ( sink rolls, stabilizer rolls, squeeze rolls) as well as rolls for run-out tables and continuous casting machines;
The company's specialists have mastered and successfully applied the technology of centrifugal casting billets made of special heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant steels and alloys with diameters from 66 mm to 616 mm and a wall thickness of 7mm to 100mm, and production equipment on its basis.
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