Casting Metallurgical company LLP. Stand 3B19

348, Raiymbeka prospekt, Almaty 050061, Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone number:
+7 (727) 259-87-87
Website :

Casting LLP represents the versatile enterprise directed for processing secondary black and nonferrous metals.The main products manufactured by Casting LLP:
Ferrous metal:
- Died-rolled section reinforcing bars;
- Reinforcement bar rods;
- Rolled steel grinding balls;
- Continuously casted steel billets (square).
Nonferrous metal:
- Copper cathode grade M00k;
- Copper rods;
- Continuous cast bronzes according to the customer requirements;
- Continuous cast brass according to the customer requirements;
- Water-cooled copper bars (caissons);
- Secondary Aluminum alloys.
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