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26/3, Angarskaya ul., Moscow 125412, Russia
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+7 (495) 707-47-07
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Trade from the storage and the contract deliveries of steel and plastic sheet piles (panels) from Japan, Korea, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Luxemburg - sheet piles U-section, Z- section, flat; cold-bent; welded: pipes piles, bearing piles; the piles connectors of different types with the interlock of the Larsen type, “Ball and Socket Interlock”, cold-bent interlock, welded interlock or without the lock; the combined walls and system with the elastic moment to 50 000 sm3/m.
Complex of services on driving and extraction sheet piles - selection under the project, delivery, driving, extraction, removal, reverse ransom.
We have created and is supplemented its own base of sheet piles data of the production (steel and plastic sheet piles) of that produced by basic world producers. In the base is generalized and systematized the information about the characteristics more than 5020 in the world the sheet piles and combined sheet pile walls produced. The data base makes it possible to produce the automated selection of the sheet pile solutions with the normalized parameters for the purpose of the decrease of the prime cost of the projected sheet pile wall. We develop and we produce the new forms of sheet piles profiles, interlocks and connectors.
Trade from the storage and transit deliveries from the basic metallurgical plants of Russia and CIS of construction rolled metal product made of different steels - reinforcement AI-AV; Beam rolled, welded; Rolled wire, square, circle, strip, wire; hot/cold rolled sheet , zinc-coated, shaped; road grids, wall grids; Pipes steel profile, electric welding, cast iron, to; (un)equal leg angles, flange channels, sheet piles.
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