Almaty Heavy Machinery Building Plant JKS. Stand 2A14

189, Tole bi ul., Almaty 050009, Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone number:
+7 (727) 250-82-08
Website :

Founded in 1941, today AZTM is the leading machine-building plant in Kazakhstan with its unique technologies and specialists. We focus on our clients' real needs and offer them efficient and practical solutions that combine advanced technical characteristics of our products. The main types of equipment produced at AZTM include:
- metallurgic equipment - roller tables, chain-linked conveyors, moulding-rolling machines, flux-cored wire production lines, etc.
- wiredrawing – rolling mills for single and multiple wire drawing of steel and colored metals.
- tube-rolling - cold-rolling mills for production of thin-walled smooth pipes and special types of pipes with high level of accuracy from carbon and alloy steel, cold-rolling mills for production of lateral-spiral ribbed tubes for cooling and heating systems equipment;
- as well as mining, oilfield, power utilities and general industrial equipment.
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