Trubostal NPO. Stand 1G50

56/91, Trubnikov prospekt, Nikopol, the Dnepropetrovsk region 53201, Ukraine
Phone number:
+380 (566) 63-80-01, 69-13-70
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- Seamless centrifugally cast tubes with diameter range 100—1625mm, wall thickness range 7—250mm length up to 6250mm; of any steel and iron grades; with machining and heat treatment;
- Products made of centrifugally cast tubes: drums of the metal HD galvanizing lines, child mould, rolls, rollers, guides of presses, machines, manipulators, flanges, rings, tires, gear blanks, bushings, bodies of bearings, valves, pumps and hydraulic cylinders, moulds;
- Bimetallic centrifugally cast tubes of over 35 combinations for pulp feed-lines, bushings for slush pumps, rolls of continuous-casting machines, corrosion resistant lines;
- Radiant tubes, high-temperature muffles, retorts and baskets , tubes for high temperature installations including wear-resistant;
- Pipe-lines and vessels for aggressive liquids;
- Pillars and columns of heavy-loaded constructions;
- Pipe-lines components (elbows, reduces, T-joint, flanges, etc.) with diameter range 22-1420mm of any steel grades including bimetallic and welded ones (according to GOST, DIN, ASTM);
- Seamless cold-strained pipes.

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