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32, Elektosignalnaya ul., Voronezh 394026, Russia
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+7 (4732) 10-01-00
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PROTEK Group of Companies (PROTEK GC) is one of the largest construction supplying companies of Tsentralno-Chernozemny region. Unique character of PROTEK GC is attributable to the opportunity of providing the customers with the WHOLE complex of construction products, ranging from the rolled metal products, pipes and cement to the paint and lacquer and roofing materials. The Group’s companies have a significant package of exclusive dealer agreements made with the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers which enable to supply construction materials to the consumer at most favorable prices. PROTEK has a network of the well-equipped up-to-date warehouse distribution centers with convenient access ways.
Owing to broad geography, hi-tech data exchange system and access to web purchasing the company is capable of meeting the requirements of a wide range of purchasers both in Russia and abroad. To enhance the service efficiency an integrated information system has been developed with an online shop and online price list being its integral part, which provides for receipt of the effective data on goods and prices, effecting purchases and getting competent advice when choosing the products.
PROTEK GC dates back to 1992. For this period of time the company has managed to establish a distribution network that is represented by 10 trade and service complexes located in the territory of Central and Privolzhsky Federal Districts. Commodity items assortment accounts for over 25 thousand items of metal products, construction and finishing materials.
The metal service subdivision consisting of a sheet steel processing center, a reinforcement service center and a fabrication shop enables directly to provide its customers with own products. The enterprise has its own fleet of trucks and special vehicles at its disposal.
PROTEK GC is currently maintaining a large variety of construction products at its depots, focused both on large enterprises and on individuals who are involved in business, construction and repair of their own house.
In 2013 PROTEK GC logistics center was pronounced the winner of the contest “The best scrap metal company of Russia” in the category “High quality example”.

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