Vulkan-TM, Scientific-Manufacturing Enterprise LLC. Stand Каталог

Office 4, 34, Aleksinskoe shosse, Tula 300057, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (4872) 70-12-42
Website :

Design, manufacture and complete delivery of modern stopperless steel casting systems for ladles of 2-380 tn capacity and refractory components for steel industry:
- Standardized slide gates of the BT series;
- Refractory products for gate steel casting;
- Blowing plugs and units;
- Formed refractory products, refractories for metal casting;
- Unshaped refractory products, martars, concretes, bodies, starting mixtures;
- High-rate type mixers for refractory products manufacture;
- Flux cored wire manufacturing line;
- Wire feeding machines;
- Steel casting systems components, metallurgical equipment, SPTA.

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