Modern Foundry Technologies LLC. Stand 2G04

Leningradskiyprospekt 37A,Building 14/7,Moscow, 125167, Russia
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+7 (495) 708-41-92, Моб.: +7 (926) 806-40-20
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Engineering company SLT (Modern Foundry Technologies LLC) is well experienced in the designing of modern foundries in the CIS countries, specializes in the engineering and management of the tailor-made projects for foundries and complete factories for a new and to be renovated productions. The projects are executed up to the stage of the responsibility for the ready for dispatch castings with required quality and work conditions. All the works are based on the innovative technologies and equipment. SLT provides complete foundry solution, carries out projects with "turnkey" concept, including "everything from one source" supply and commissioning of the following equipment:
melting plants, sand preparation plants, complete automatic moulding lines for green sand process, automatic moulding lines for no-bake processes, no-bake sand reclamation plants, core shooters, automatic core making lines, design of the cores and moulds pattern and tooling, vibratory equipment and conveyors, automatic pouring systems, shotblasting machines for cleaning and shot peening, degatinghydraulic foundry wedges, cleaning and grinding machines and manipulators, scrap and runner crushers, thermal treatment ovens, industrial manipulators, dust control equipment, sand testing and metals laboratory equipment.

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