StroyPromEkspert — Specialized Editions. Stand 1B21

Office 36, 102B, Evdokimava ul., Rostov-on-Don 344068, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (863) 201-37-90, 311-13-88, 311-13-99, 311-16-41, 311-16-51, 311-16-81, 311-16-91
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SD Group produces information-analytical construction journal StroyPromEkspert.
Circulation: 25,000 copies.
Size: A4.
Ffrequency: quarterly.
Spread to all regions of Russia.
The advantage of our publications is: complete market monitoring, real-time data, the reliability of the information provided. The magazine is available to all smartphone users, download on the AppStore and GooglePlay.
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