Ural Welded Beam Works, JSC. Stand 1E34

7, Krasnykh Zor ul., Nizhny Tagil, the Sverdlovsk region 622021, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (3435) 49-57-17
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Ural Welded Beam Works (UZSB) specializes in production of welded I-beams of sizes Б, Ш, К made of carbon steels С255 (3 сп) и and low-alloy steels С345 (09Г2С) as well as welded beams in accordance with individual customer-finished drawings. Due to the use of modern equipment, the Works can produce beams with the length up to 14,500 mm, with the vertical web height of 260 mm to 2 000 mm, with the flange width of 200 mm to 800 mm, and with flux-cored arc welding.
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