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Office 713, 5, Gapsalskaya ul., St. Petersburg 198035, Russia
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+7 (812) 458-44-52
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Professional magazine and media site Korabel.ru covers the events in the sector of shipping, shipbuilding and all the connected aspects: from maritime business to ocean and shelf development. The audience of portal Korabel.ru is wide: shipbuilders, shipowners, workers of educational organizations, port workers, manufacturers of marine equipment and people who are interested in maritime matters. Korabel.ru was launched in 2002. Four times a year it puts out a full-colour 100 pages long journal. Every month the web-site is visited by more than 8000 people. It has recently established new section “Trading platform” which helps customers to find quickly and easy performers of the work, suppliers of equipment, besides, manufacturers and contractors get opportunity to start cooperation with consumers and employers in a more comfortable way.
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