Vestnik of the Railway Research Institute, Journal. Stand 1B21

10, 3-ya Mytischenskaya ul., Moscow 129626, Russia
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+7 (499) 260-43-19, +7 (495) 602-81-10
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The founder of journal «Vestnik of the Railway Research Institute» is JSC «VNIIZhT». The journal is been issued since 1942. Release made once in 2 month. ISSN 2223-9731. “Vestnik VNIIZhT” publish original scientific articles and reviews, including main results of research developments of Russian and foreign scientists and experts in the field of improving transport technologies and engineering’s of railway transport. Main topics are: transport safety, infrastructure, traction rolling stock, wagons, high-speed and heavy haul transport, wheel and track interaction, material sciences, traffic management, energy and resource saving, economics, logistics.
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