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Fives is an international industrial engineering group that designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines.
Fives designs, manufactures, supplies and installs custom engineered machines under the historical names of Abbey, Bronx, OTO and Taylor-Wilson for a wide range of seamless and welded products:
- Welded tube mill lines with entry systems and cut-off units;
- Drawbenches;
- Straighteners;
- Pipe end finishing;
- Hydrostatic pipe testers, collapse and leak testing machines;
- Automated packaging systems for tubes, squares, bars and rectangles;
- Smart maintenance.
Fives provides process expertise, high performance technologies and digital tools for steelmakers: process optimization services, including a real time quality qualification system; reheating furnaces for flat and long products; high power transverse flux induction technology; cold rolling mills for stainless and silicon steels; complete strip processing lines NeoKoil® for carbon, stainless and silicon steels, including a Smart line, automatic line management.

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