Stargroup Research & Integration Co., Ltd.. Stand 2G45

Room 6419, Bld. 1. No.6, Rong Chang East Str., Beijing Economic and Technical Development Area 100176, China
Phone number:
+86 (10) 872-38-200
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Asa hi-tech enterprise specializing in the field of intellegent equipemnts manufacturing and assembling for metallurgical plates, Beijing Stargroup Research & Integration Co., Ltd. was established in the year of 003 with a total registered capical of 11.2M. Stock name: XINGHEZHONGGON (stock code: 430084). We are commited to provide technical service fir metal strip surface processing and provide the following production lines and corresponding equipments: home appliance color coating line, construction color coating line, hot-dip galvanizing / galvalume line, electrolytic tinning line, electrolytic degreasing line, reversible cold rolling mill, pickling line and acid regeneration line.

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