TVEL JSC. Stand 1E20

49, Kashirskoe shosse, Moscow, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 988-82-82
Website :

TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom is one of the world’s largest producers of nuclear fuel. The company’s share in the global fabrication market is 17%. TVEL supplies a wide range of non-nuclear products to the Russian and world markets and actively develops new business areas, such as metallurgy.
TVEL Fuel Company includes a metallurgical production facility that specializes in the production of finished products made from titanium, zirconium, calcium, hafnium and niobium for hi-tech industries. TVEL Fuel Company is the only Russian producer of extra pure calcium metal; produces calcium injection wire (CIW). TVEL Fuel Company is particularly proud of its titanium and titanium alloy products including: ingots and forgings; rods and wire; seamless tubes. A wide range of process equipment allows to manufacture a wide range of products – from ingots to high-end products.

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