"Tekeli mining and processing complex" LLP . Stand Каталог

1, Satpaeva ul., g. Tekeli, Almaty region 041700, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Phone number:
+7 (72835) 4-13-06
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LLP "Tekeli mining and processing complex" from the date of its foundation to the present day, is the city-forming enterprise of the city.
In the period from October 2014 to the present, the construction of a metallurgical plant is carried out on the basis of «TGPK» LLP. For the production, a traditional metallurgical redistribution scheme was selected using high-tech units. The feedstock is the iron ore concentrate of the Bapy deposit, located in the Karaganda region.
The plant capacity is 400 thousand tons of pig iron per year. Cast iron production includes two compact blast furnaces with a volume of 206 m³ with a capacity of 200,000 tons of cast iron per year each. In October 2018, one blast furnace was launched. Currently, preparations are underway to launch a second blast furnace, which will double the output.

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