MISIS, National University of Science and Technology.Stand 2B05

4, Leninsky prospekt, Moscow 119049, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 638-45-19
Website :

National University of Science and Technology MISIS is a scientific and education center for training specialists in metal science. The research institute combines advanced education technologies with scientific work. Today the university includes 6 institutes based on departments: Institute of Basic Education, Institute of Metallurgy, Ecology and Quality, Institute of Materials Technology, Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Institute of Ecomony and Information Science, Humanitarian Institute, Evening Department, and Remote Education Department. MISIS does researches and trains in the following fields: metallurgy and materials science; metal production and metal treatment; production of compound, powder, super- and semiconducting materials, nano-materials and nanotechnologies; development of advanced materials and technologies; increase of raw material effectiveness; certification and quality management of materials and their production; economics and management issues; ecological issues; informatics and automated control systems.

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