Metal-Expo’2020: the Exhibition of the Brave

Metal-Expo’2020, the 26th International Industrial Exhibition finished in Moscow on November 13. The event became the only steel industry exhibition held in the world since the first lockdown.
More than 300 steel and steel–related companies arranged their expositions at VDNHa fairground on November, among them 230 Russian companies and 70 from the CIS and abroad.

The exhibition brought together leading steel producers, tubes and hardware manufacturers, non-ferrous and alloys producers, steel traders, steel service centers as well as key steel products end-users: construction, engineering, oil and gas, transportation and logistics companies. More than 1k company leaders and industry professionals attended to their stands during the event. Some 6.5k professionals visited the exhibition. Metal-Expo’2020 exhibited the whole range of modern materials, equipment and solutions for the steel industry, as well as steel processing and equipment manufacture.

Last November became a key month for the Russian steel industry for a number of reasons. Severstal for example, presented a revolutionary new corporate architecture at Metal-Expo’2020.
OMK also announced a new corporate philosophy. ChelPipe Group together with the whole modern steel industry celebrated the 10th anniversary of its While Metallurgy concept. NLMK, TMK, MMK and other leading steel groups presented already implemented large-scale projects on digitalization and E-trading. Thus many significant events worth mentioning took place and are still taking place in 2020. These events need to be discussed in an open dialogue on Metal-Expo as a perfect business platform. 

Some 2.5k steel industry professionals attended more than 30 online and offline events on all the most pressing problems of the steel and steel-related industries held in parallel to Metal-Expo’2020. 
The virtual reality of 2020 showed the importance of face-to-face contacts and ideas exchange. Panel discussions, business meetings, and experience exchange helped market players take in the current situation in the market to find the best solutions.

Metal-Expo’2020 outlined the priorities in the development of steel industry equipment engineering and manufacture and adjusted the strategy of the industry as a whole.
Thus, a Steel Industry Coordination Council meeting was held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation at Metal-Expo’2020. The delegates, among them leaders of the biggest Russian steel holdings discussed the most pressing problems of the steel industry. A workshop on mastering new types of steel products for the automotive industry for the period of 2018-2023 was also held in parallel to the exhibition. Winners of the contest for The Main Event in the Russian Steel Industry were awarded at the exhibition for the 10th time already. The contest aims at popularization of innovative steel projects and spurring steel industry development as a whole. The winners of the contest became MMK and OMK projects. Industrial and engineering companies were awarded 27 Metal-Expo gold and silver medals for engineering and implementations of innovative solutions. Winners of many other contests among steel and steel-related industries professionals were also awarded during Metal-Expo’2020.

Metal-Expo’2020 was held in the most difficult global economic conditions and high market volatility caused by the pandemic. However, the exhibition showed new market trends and proved its statues as the key business platform for all the steel industry professionals.

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