MMK Trading Company LLC. Stand 21B07

76, Kirova ul., Magnitogorsk, the Chelyabinsk region 455019, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (3519) 25-36-52, 25-34-78, 25-34-25
Website :

MMK Trading Company LLC is one of the fastest growing companies on the Russian market of metal trading. Formed later than other major market participants, the company in a short time was able to increase its annual sales to over 1 million tons. Out of PJSC MMK’s supplies to the domestic market the share of MMK Trading Company’s supplies is more than 15%. The company’s branch network covers 26 Russian cities from Krasnodar to Krasnoyarsk. Among the priorities there are shipments from storage facilities.
The company aims at expanding the scope of its activity both geographically, coming to the CIS markets, as well as due to the production, through the development of the field-specific products. The main consumers of MMK Trading Company LLC are enterprises of the construction and machine-building industries. The share of sales to end users is more than 60%.

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