RELTEC Works.Stand 33M40

51, Studencheskaya ul., Ekaterinburg 620078, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (343) 379-43-50, 374-23-62, 374-10-49, 374-23-15
Website :

- Induction melting furnaces for induction melting of ferrous, non-ferrous and noble metals by high frequency currents;
- Induction heating systems for hardening, heat treatment and soldering;
- Thyristor frequency converters used for supplying induction melting plants, plants of through and surface metal heating. They were designed to convert three-phase commercial frequency current into alternating current of medium frequency;
- Vacuum Induction furnaces for high-alloy steel and precious metal melting and filling in vacuum and inert gas environment in the crucible with capacity from 0,5 up to 250 kg;
- Ultrasonic Plants USB and USP for ultrasonic cleaning, degreasing and chemical decontaminating, intensification of chemical processes etc.

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