Krasny Oktyabr Corporation, JSC.Stand 22D21

110, V.I. Lenina prospekt, Volgograd 400007, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (8442) 74-87-77
Website :

Krasny Oktyabr Corporation, JSC is one of the largest suppliers of special purpose steels intended for automotive, aviation, atomic energy, oil-and-gas and chemical industries, chemical, petroleum, power and transport engineering as well as for non-ferrous metal industry and agricultural sector.

We manufacture about 900 unique steel grades as follows:

- Structural carbon and alloy steels;

- Tool carbon and alloy steels;

- Stainless high-alloy (corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-temperature) steels and alloys.

Main range of manufactured steel products (over 300 rolled products) is as follows:

- Round steel bars of 65–350 mm in diameter;

- Turned rolled bars of 65–340 mm in diameter;

- Square hot-rolled steel bars with side of 100–180 mm;

- Blooms of 200–360 mm;

- Pipe billets of 70–340 mm in diameter;

- Hot-rolled steel plates of 2–100 mm in thickness; plates of up to 20 mm in thickness are sheared;

- Cold-rolled steel sheets of 0,8–3,5 mm in thickness.

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