Exhibition Catalogue

The catalogue (Russian/English) contains exhibitor list, exhibitors’ details and exhibition floor plan.

Print run: 10 000 copies
Color: 4 color
Size: А4 (210х297mm)
Volume: 220 pages
Distribution: among the exhibitors (free) , visitors (on sale), governmental institutions, embassies etc. 

Advertisement options and rates:



Position and Description

Cost, EUR

Page А4

4 color

Inside the color insertion, before cover #3


1/2 A4 page

4 color

Inside the color insertion, before cover #3



4 color

Page 2 (left-hand page before the table of),
Page 4 left-hand page before the welcome addresses),
Page 18 (left-hand page before the exhibitor list)


Cover page

4 color

#2, #3, #4


Surcharge for choosing page + 20%
Artwork making: + 50%

Advantages of advertising in the catalogue:

- Distribution of the catalogue among thousands of steel industry professionals makes it an efficient tool of promotion;

- The catalogue contains updated details of all the major Russian and global steel producers.

- Advertising in the catalogue speaks for sustainability of the company.

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