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Metal-Expo is Gates to Russian Market

Due to large-scale building of new industrial and civil establishments in 2007 Russia is suffering deficit of some types of metal and steel products e.g. demand for reinforced steel rolled products will exceed the domestic supplies 1.5 - 2 mln tons. Due to considerable demand for metal and steel products in building and many other industries more than 500 thou. tons of galvanized and painted flat rolled products will be imported to Russia. Deficit of this and other types of metal and steel products is forecast for 2008 – 2009 as well. Today a number of investment projects are quickly developed aiming at building of mini-plants for production of steels, billets, structural steels as well as flats. More than 20 such projects have been announced by different companies in the last 2 years which will require modern equipment, advanced technologies, and efficient logistics system.

In the recent years, distribution of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is modernized in Russia quite quickly including equipping with modern equipment for warehouses, stocks and steel service centers, equipment for processing, handling, just in time supplies etc. In the recent years Metal-Expo International Exhibition held in Moscow has become a key event for establishing favorable conditions for development of cooperation between Russian and international producers and suppliers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, equipment for their production and processing. Every year in autumn the exhibition gathers together in Moscow entrepreneurs and businessmen from more than 40 countries. Participation in this forum facilitates modernization and development of the steel producing and processing industries and gives a new impulse to carry out new mutually beneficial projects.

Dear Exhibitors and Guests of Metal-Expo’2008,
Please note that the dates and the venue of Metal-Expo’2008 have changed.
New dates: November 11-14, 2008
New venue: Crocus Expo International, Moscow, Russia, Hall 2
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