14:36, 18 April 2019

Leading Russian Steel Structure Manufacturers to Exhibit at SteelStructres’2019 in Moscow

More than 120 steel companies will exhibit at SteelStructures’2019, the 4th International Exhibition on May 14-17, Expocenter, Moscow, Russia.

The event will bring together leading Russian steel structure manufacturers, equipment suppliers, as well as construction steel products end-users among them: Severstal Steel Solutions, Istra Steel Structures Plant, A GUPP Steel Structures, NAMI Steel Structures Plant, EK ZMK Energo, FORMATEK Plant, Novinsky Steel Structures Plant, Konus SE, DEGESTA, Promnastil and many more.

SteelStructures’2019 will also exhibit light-gauge steel structures manufacturers among them Kazan Steel Profiles, Steel Structures, DiPOS, Profil Group.

SteelStructures’2019 and its events will provide exhibitors and visitors a perfect opportunity to know the whole range of construction steel products, the most state-of-the-art solutions, and discuss the most pressing problem of the industry.

SteelStructures’2019 program

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