10:41, 11 July 2019

MMK Completes Modernization of Small-Grade Wire Mill 170

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK), a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor completed overhaul of the two-thread fine-wire mill 170. Repair works on the unit were carried out simultaneously with the reconstruction work.

As part of the modernization of the mill, which took place from May to June this year, the heating furnace was reconstructed, the water-cooling line was replaced and all the STELMOR line of fans were replaced with new, more productive ones. Modernization of the cooling line is a key element in the reconstruction, which allows to achieve the main goal of the project which is to give special properties to the high carbon content rod (0.45 - 0.85 % C) and to obtain a sorbitised plate perlite of 1-2 points. On each line, 14 old fans were replaced with 16 new ones, which are equipped with motors with inverters, temperature and vibration bearing sensors, as well as motors connected directly to the impeller shaft. The heat transfer for the cooling conveyor after modernization is more than 200 W/m2, and the air consumption for fans on the roller conveyor increased to 125 thousand Nm3/hour. The total additional installed capacity for both lines was about 4500kW.

The contract for the modernization of mill 170 was signed at the end of 2017 with contractors Danieli & Officine Meccaniche S.p.A, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor. The cost of the contract for the supply of technical documentation, equipment and services for supervision and training amounted to 5.5 million euros. Implementation of the project will allow the main consumer of mill products, Magnitogorsk Metalware and Sizing Plant MMK METIZ (part of MMK Group), to move away from the process of patenting, by improving the uniformity of the properties of the rod. The refusal of additional processing will increase the quality of products and significantly reduce its cost. In addition, the modernization of the mill will reduce downtime due to the commissioning of new equipment.

Currently, both lines of the mill have been put into operation and are at full capacity. The updated equipment is operating properly and running highly efficiently. Specialists from Danieli continue to work on the modes of water and air cooling to obtain the optimum characteristics and properties of the rod. The first coils with products that meet the requirements of metalworkers have already been sent for testing at MMK-METIZ.

Small-grade wire mill 170 was commissioned in 2006. With its launch at MMK, a radical reconstruction of the long products production was completed, thanks to which MMK now has the most modern capacities in the country for the production of long products, with a total capacity of up to 2 million tons per year. Delivery of the unit was carried out by the Italian company Danieli. Mill 170 has a capacity of up to 765 thousand tons per year and is designed for the production of wire rods with a diameter of 6-22mm, as well as rebar shaped rods with a diameter of 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16mm.

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