10:32, 24 July 2019

Severstal Orders World-Class Slab Reheating Furnaces from Fives

Leading Russian steelmaker Severstal has placed an order with Fives for two new high-capacity walking beam slab reheating furnaces as part of the major reconstruction of its №2 rolling plant at the Cherepovets Steel Mill in northwestern Russia. Both companies are Metal-Expo regular exhibitors.

The new Stein Digit@l Furnace® – each with a production capacity up to 440 tons per hour – will replace two of the four existing furnaces serving the hot strip mill 2000 of the rolling plant №2. The Stein Digit@l Furnace® is a crown jewel within the range of Fives’ technologies for reheating and heat treatment. Drawing on 150 years of experience in thermal engineering, it delivers:

- Consistent flame shape and heating quality

- Ultra-low NOx

- Substantial fuel saving

- Minimized scale loss and decarburization

- Reduced OPEX due to lower maintenance and fuel consumption

The two Stein Digit@l Furnace® will be able to reheat a wide range of products within a charging temperature mix from half cold 20°C to half hot 500°C, according to the hot rolling mill requirements at Severstal. 

“One of unique features of the furnace is the use of AdvanTek® side firing burners with digital control. This creates so-called “micro zones”, each 2.8 meters long, which enable the furnace temperature to be controlled in a very precise manner, guaranteeing high heating efficiency,” says a technology expert Dieudonné Hounliasso, Sales Engineer at Fives Stein, the Fives subsidiary that developed the furnace.

The combustion system is precisely and automatically controlled by Virtuo®-R, Fives’ proprietary Level 2 software tool for optimum thermal control. Virtuo®-R helps to minimize heating defects, optimize operation time required for heating and substantially reduce gas consumption and scale losses. As a result, the Stein Digit@l Furnace® meets the most stringent environmental requirements by providing NOx emissions of less than 60 ppm for dry waste gases.

“Today, this equipment offers the best return on investment on the market for demanding slab reheating applications,” summarizes Kristiaan Van Teutem, Sales Director of Fives Stein. 

"New reheating furnaces will ensure homogeneous heating of slabs which is imperative to produce high value-added products. Moreover, we will be able to reduce gas consumption and increase the capacity of the hot strip mill 2000 by 140,000 tons per year, which will bring a financial benefit of around €20 million per year,” highlighted Vadim Germanov, Chief Executive Officer, Severstal Russian Steel Division.

Fives’ latest references for reheating furnaces worldwide include: 
- Two 450 tph slab reheating furnaces at JSW Dolvi Works, India – the highest capacity installed in India to date
- Two 300 tph slab reheating furnaces for various steel grades (HTA, SS, silicon, titanium, carbon) at ATI Flat Rolled Products, USA
- 450 tph slab reheating furnace with ultra-low NOx and online scale control at Çolakoğlu, Turkey
- Two 250 tph slab reheating furnaces for precision heat treatment at OMK, Vyksa Steel Works, Russia

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