11:05, 08 August 2019

Altai-Koks Eembarks On Equipment Assembly For Stamp Charging

NLMK Group, a global steel company, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor has embarked on the assembly of main process equipment to implement the stamp charging technology at its operating coke oven battery at Altai-Koks, a leading Russian manufacturer of metallurgical coke.

Instead of the conventional top charging method, stamped charging involves feeding compacted coal briquettes into the oven horizontally. Stamping technology is being implemented at Coke Oven Battery No. 5, the most advanced coke oven battery at Altai-Koks, launched in 2006. It has a design capacity of 1.1 mtpa.

The project, which is worth a total of 4.5 billion rubles, will boost coke quality, reduce the cost of its production, and improve the environmental footprint of operations.

Stamping technology solutions are supplied by HuDe (Germany), a global leader in the field. Currently, construction of main reinforced concrete structures for the coal storage bunker equipped with stamping machines is being completed, installation of conveyors and machines for feeding stamped charge into the oven is underway.  The revamped battery will be equipped with advanced and efficient off-gas collection and cleaning systems.

NLMK Group welcomes to its stand 1C02 at Metal-Expo 2019

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