15:28, 13 November 2019

Main Events in Russian Steel Industry'2019 are Announced

Commissioning of Tula Steel , 2d line of foundry and rolling facilities of Kamensk-Uralsky Steel Works and MMK agglofactory #5 are recognized the main events of the year in the Russian steel industry.  The awarding ceremony took place at the gala dinner for Metal-Expo'2019 exhibitors.

The Main Event of the Year in the Russian Steel Industry competition aims at supporting the industry. The winners are chosen at closed ballot by members of Metal-Expo Organizing Committee: heads of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, unions, associations  etc.

Tula Steel was commissioned in July 2019. Its annual design capacity reaches 1.8Mt. The project costs 55bn rubles.

Commissioning of Tula Steel is no doubt one of the main events in the national steel industry. It is the first in Russia integrated producer of high quality long products of converted steels.

Kamensk-Uralsky Steel Works commissioned a new aluminium plates rolling complex. The capacity reaches 166kt/year. The project cost exceeds 45bn rubles. The project is strategic for the national steel industry for the products are in most cases unique for the Russian and European markets in terms of quality, sizes and properties.  

The new MMK agglofactory equipped with the most state-of-the art equipment enables to produce high-quality sinter. The project the analogue of which are not found in Russia cots around 30 bn rubles. The full capacity of the project reaches 5.5 mt /year.

See photo gallery form the awarding ceremony

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