16:16, 14 November 2019

TMK Signed Agreement on Continuous Cast Billets Supplies to Kazakhstan

An agreement on supplies of continuous round cast billets was signed between TMK, Russia and Prommashkomplekt, Kazakhstan at Metal-Expo'2019, the 25th International Industrial Exhibition. The agreement was signed by Sergey Marchenko, Deputy General Manager, TMK and Dmitry Karaulov, Commercial Director, Prommashkomplekt.

According to the agreement, TMK will supply Prommashkomplekt up to 65kt of billets by TAGMET (part of TMK) every year. The agreement is valid until 2022.

"TMK always seeks opportunities to extend its supplies geography. The agreement with Prommashkomplekt strengthens our positions in the Eurasian Economic Union. Besides, it helps TMK contribute to the program of Kazakhstan metal working industry as part of Kazakhstan-2050 Porgram' said Sergey Marchenko.


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