11:25, 28 November 2019

Lazzari Sawing and Drilling Machines For Rails and Profiles

Lazzari, a Metal-Expo'2019 exhibitor, has developed its own technology for simultaneous long steel products sawing and drilling. 

The customer is a long product mill specialized in rails and profiles, located in Kazahstan. His need was to cut rails and profiles (angles, channels, H-beams, I-beams), either single or layers, at high productivity rate with an in-line operation.

The project has been carried out through the Company PRIMETALS, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, that supplied the profile and rail mill and the whole material handling system. The choice was to provide two machines:

1) Carbide tipped CIRCULAR SAWING machine mod. TL1100

The TL1100 Lazzari standard SAWING machine is designed to cut rails and profiles either single or layers with high productivity; it works in automatic or manual mode from the material clamping up to the clamp opening and next material handling. The machine is controlled by a PLC to input the machine parameters and display the machine operation, diagnostics and alarms.

The SAWING machine TL1100 has been designed for:

- single rail’s tail and sample cutting
- profile layer cutting to length

2) SAWING and DRILLING machine mod. RS 800-D6

The machine is aimed to: cutting of single rail by carbide tipped circular saw blades;
simultaneous drilling of the rail of max N° 6 connecting holes (N° 3 before and N° 3 after the saw blade) using carbide tipped tools. The RS 800-D6 doesn’t make any operation on profiles, i.e. they only pass through the machine.

Therefore it is dedicated to the following operations:

- Rail’s head and tail cutting
- Rail cutting to programmable lenght
- Rail drilling simultaneously to the rail cut, on both sides

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