12:31, 10 February 2020

Bronx Awarded Chemical Coater Upgrade – Mexico

The Bronx group, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, has recently been awarded a contract to install a Horizontal Chemical Coater on an existing Galvanising Line for one of its customers in Mexico. The coater was commissioned to satisfy the current market requirement for application of thin organic coatings. It  is also capable of filling existing demand for passivation. The coater achieves this through its ability to change the orientation of the top coating heads to apply two different chemical products.

These thin organic coatings require wet film application, more than 3 times the thickness of conventional passivation chemicals, traditionally applied by chemical coaters. Such passivation coaters can satisfactorily apply these coatings using forward coating configuration. However, thin organic coatings, due to this higher coating thickness, need to be applied by reverse coat. In order to provide both forward and reverse coating on a single coater, Bronx engineers and technologist established a re-development of our standard horizontal chemical coater.

The top coater head has been made interchangeable to provide forward and reverse orientation. This is achieved by offering 2 top coater heads, one configured for forward coating (to apply passivation products), and another for reverse coating (to apply thin organic coatings). This versatility allows our customer to respond to shifting market demand as required.

During the re-development stage, our engineers further enhanced the safety features of the Bronx Chemical Coater. The bottom coating head traverses completely offline to the operator side. This combined with the removable top head, ensures all roll and chemical changes can be carried out safely away from line operations.

To add further flexibility and to improve line downtime a second Horizontal Coater could be installed. The second coater could be ready to run in forward or reverse application and provide a quick chemical change option. This in turn maximises productivity and flexibility to help our customers’ bottom line, without compromising on employee safety.

The Bronx Chemical Coater will be installed into a galvanising line that is 90 m/min, capable of processing strip ranging from 0.23 mm to 1.9 mm thickness, and 600 mm to 1320 mm wide.

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