12:56, 19 February 2020

EVRAZ Orders Danieli QSP-DUE Plant

EVRAZ, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, has ordered from Danieli an innovative Danieli Universal Endless plant for the production of high value-added products for the new facility in Novokuznetsk in Kemerovo Region of Russia. The QSP-DUE plant of EVRAZ will be designed for a total capacity of 2,500,000 tpy of hot rolled coils for strip from 0.80 to 16.0 mm thick and and 950 to 1,700 mm wide. The vertical-curved thin-slab caster features a 5.5 m main radius, designed to operate with a slab thickness range from 100 mm to 123 mm, thanks to the application of dynamic soft reduction, and with a maximum casting speed of 6 m/min, depending on the steel grade.

The tunnel furnace, supplied by Danieli Centro Combustion, will provide a fundamental buffer function that increases flexibility technology casting-to-rolling and provides the possibility of performing work-roll changing as a background task, without affecting the operation of caster and melt shop

In addition to the QSP-DUE line, Danieli will supply a twin-station ladle furnace (310 t) and twin-tank vacuum degasser (310 t) and associated auxiliary equipment, including a fume treatment plant and water treatment plant for the whole facility.

Danieli Automation will transfer Danieli know-how to the system, developing and supplying the complete process control from liquid steel to coils, including also on-line instrumentation, medium voltage and low voltage drives and control of auxiliary plants.

Danieli QSP-DUE technology features an innovative and patented layout configuration, which allows in a single thin-slab casting and rolling production line all the winning features that up to now have been developed using either coil-to-coil, semi-endless or endless rolling modes in separate rolling mills, while eliminating the limiting factors of each one of them, thereby allowing the plant operator to reach all the production niches of the flat-products market by applying the process that is best suited to each steel grade and product.

This will be the second Danieli QSP-DUE plant in the world. The order follows the start-up of the first ever DUE plant installed at Shougang Jingtang United I&S, in China, during 2019.

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