10:26, 11 March 2020

NLMK Dansteel Supplies S500MC High Strength Steel Plate to German Client

NLMK Group’s Denmark based production site NLMK DanSteel has delivered its first thousand tonnes of S500MC high-strength steel plate (500 MPa yield strength) to German machine-building companies. The hot-rolled steel plates will be used to manufacture heavy vehicle components, including wheel axles parts. The use of high-strength steel ensures strong performance under high static and dynamic loads at temperatures as low as minus 50°C and increases the reliability of equipment.

NLMK DanSteel launched industrial production of 13-60 mm S500MC plate in 2019. This became possible after the plate mill was equipped with an accelerated cooling system. Thermomechanical treatment ensures high strength and viscosity properties and better plate weldability.

Slabs used by NLMK DanSteel for the production of high-strength plates are supplied by NLMK Lipetsk, NLMK Group’s flagship site in Russia, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor.

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