11:36, 29 July 2020

Metal-Expo’2020 Changes were Discussed at Organizing Committee Meeting

A regular meeting of the Organizing Committee of Metal-Expo’2020, the 26th International Industrial Exhibition was held on July 28 in Moscow.

One of the main topics on the agenda was the venue issue. Due to the epidemiological situation hall 75, the traditional Metal-Expo venue is converted into a makeshift hospital. According to A. Romanov, Co-Chairman of Metal-Expo’2020 Organizing Committee, RUMSS President, due to external factors and following VDNHa Management proposal, Metal-Expo Management decided to hold Metal-Expo’2020 (November 10-13) in halls 55 and 57, VDNHa. Mr. Romanov continues that since the spaces in both halls are not enough for such a major event, the outdoor space can also be used. Contracts with the already registered exhibitors will be re-signed in August to agree on new space locations. “Even under such constrained conditions we will do our best to host all concerned”, said Mr. Romanov.

The members of the Organizing Committee backed up the decision. “To hold the exhibition in any case is a very sound decision. We have to do our best to make the event as efficient as possible under the present conditions”, said Yu. Raikov, General Manager, Tsvetmetobrabotka Institute. A. Korostelyov, NII Energotekhnika believes such a decision is critical for users need to know the latest ferrous and non-ferrous markets trends. Yu. Podkopaev, MMAGS President believes that despite the difficulties the event will be extremely efficient to all the market participants.

The hard-driving program covering the most pressing problems of the steel and steel-related industries will also be adjusted shortly. The Metal Week in Moscow will open on November 9 with Russian Metal and Steel Market conference. The program includes all the regular and some new events (conferences, seminars, roundtables master classes etc.) held by the members of the Organizing Committee. This year the events will be held both online and offline to meet the needs of all concerned.

Traditional contest including The Best Internet-Project in the Russian and the CIS Steel Industries, Metal Vision’2020, The Best Russian Steel Service Center and Warehouse, The Best Developments in the Ferrous and Non-ferrous Industries etc. will also be held during Metal-Expo’2020.

The next meeting of the Metal-Expo’2020 Organizing Committee will be held in the beginning of September to talk over the details of Metal-Expo’2020 program. Prior to that, the members of the Organizing Committee will visit the new venues (halls 55 and 57, VDNHa).

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