14:25, 03 August 2020

NLMK La Louvière Optimizes Logistics Flow

In early July, the logistics team of NLMK La Louvière, one of the leading producers of flat steel coils in Belgium and part of NLMK Group, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, launched the use of multi-purpose wagons for transporting slabs and coils by train. The objective of this innovation is to optimize the logistics flow and improve customer service while reducing environmental impact. In late 2019, with the support of NLMK Group, the logistics team of NLMK La Louvière decided to introduce multi-purpose wagons in the La Louvière - Port of Ghent logistics flow. Slabs arrive at NLMK La Louvière by train. Whereas previously the train would go back empty, it now goes to Ghent loaded with hot rolled and pickled coils, intended for customers in Flanders.

The multi-purpose wagons can be used to carry both slabs and coils.

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Mechel Steel Used to Build Moscow Metro’s New Stations

Mechel Group ’s steel trading company Mechel Service, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor has supplied Moscow Metro with over 4,000 tonnes of steel rolls since the beginning of this year. Most of those supplies, such as rebar, rol...

21 September, 12:33

Danieli to Supply Meltshop & Bloom Caster to OMK

United Metallurgical Company OMK , a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, has contracted Danieli Centro Met to supply a new EAF meltshop and seven-strand bloom caster, to be installed at Vyksa works in Russia and produce up to 1.8 million t...

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MMK-METIZ Automates Business Processes

Specialists from the Centre for RPA Expertise and Innovation of MMK-Informservice are working on implementing Robotic Process Automation and robotisation of two business processes at the Magnitogorsk hardware and calibration plant MMK-METIZ , a M...

14 September, 15:10

BMZ Increased Production of Rebar in Coils by More Than a Quarter

OJSC BMZ (Byelorussian Steel Works) , a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, produced and shipped to consumers over 62 thousand tonnes of rebar in coils in 8 months of 2020. The achieved indicator is more than 25% high...

10 September, 10:26
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